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HELP! My hormones are out of control! Menopause is a challenging life transition. Hormonal upheaval causes emotional, relational, mental and physical upheaval too! What a mess! A mind and body out of sync—what to do, how to cope? That was my dilemma for four years. My two biggest hormonally related issues were migraines and a 20-pound weight gain.

I had been eating a diet of 95% plant-based and 75% whole foods—unrefined, unprocessed foods for 20 years. However, I had a major sweet tooth and was addicted to sugar.

lanaya achord, coach and owner at h2y wellness
In 2017, I had to take medical leave for 3 months. During that time, I decided to go 100% whole food plant-based, eliminate all sugar from my diet, partially fast and pray to strengthen my immune system and support my body in healing itself.

An unexpected transformation started to take place. My migraines disappeared. Weight began to fall off. The brain fog lifted. My thinking became clearer. I felt amazing! I was convinced that 100% whole food plant-based nutrition and NO sugar in my diet was the only way to live. Five years later, and I have maintained the 20-pound weight loss and enjoy fruit and dates as my sweeteners.

This is how and why H2Y Wellness was started—to walk alongside and coach other women struggling with perimenopause and menopausal weight gain challenges.

I praise God for His help in overcoming my sugar addiction and His power in maintaining this lifestyle change. He has provided plants to nourish and heal our mind, body and spirit, which are His.

He can do the same for you! I’d be honored to help you begin your journey in clasping the hand of God and embracing lifestyle change. And experiencing the power of God to do above and beyond anything you ask or think.


• 30 years promoting healthy living and guiding people in establishing a personalized plan to succeed in achieving their desired health goals

• 27 years as a Physical Therapist relieving pain, assisting clients in restoring health and mobility and improving their quality of life

• 8 years inspiring and assisting people in adopting a plant-based diet through cooking classes

• 6 years Director of CHIP—a community program to prevent and reverse chronic disease through lifestyle


• 2020 National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach: The Gold Standard for Health and Wellness Coaches. Extensive coaching and skills training required.

• 2020 CHEF Certified Culinary Coach with emphasis on assisting clients in making the transition to plant-based home cooking.

• 2018 Master Certified Health Coach, Dr Sears Wellness Institute

• 1990 Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Loma Linda University
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