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Q: Do I have to become vegan on your program?

A: No. However, we do emphasize the health benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Q: I have food allergies. Do you provide alternatives or substitutes in your recipes?

A: Yes, we are able to modify recipes for those with allergies. Just let us know and we will be happy to help find an alternative for you.

Q: Can I get enough protein on a wholefood plant-based diet?

A: You are definitely able to get enough protein on a wholefood plant-based diet. All plants have some protein in them. Beans are the champions of protein. Elephants and Gorillas are 100% plant-based eaters. There are also many athletes who eat a plant-based diet.

Q: Do you promote or sell supplements as part of your weight loss program?

A: We do not promote or sell supplements.

Q: Are your recipes complicated?

A: Most of our recipes are simple and can be made in batches to save time.

Q: Do your recipes have expensive or difficult to find ingredients?

A: You should be able to find all the ingredients to our recipes at your regular grocery store. Most people find they are able to start saving money on their groceries by adopting predominantly plant-based meals.
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